by continuing forward you acknowledge and accept that small amounts of your spirit energy will be siphoned via [redacted] and collected to support the [redacted] project.


●●● 2/18/23 ●●●

The website has been coming together! the welcome screen and main page at least xD I like the way its turning out tho and I've been having a lot of fun!

I think the home page is done (for now)(I will probably keep tweaking it lol) and now I can start working on adding more pages! I plan on making some fun shrines and expanding on my lore next. Look forward to it!

●●● early February 2023 ●●●

I am currently learning HTML and CSS from scratch so I can make a cool page for myself B)

I'm planning on it being a place for me to share my art/music, make some shrines, as well as act as a hub for my vtuber lore...
...but we will see how it turns out in the end! lol it could turn in to a collection of many different things or maybe I'll end up choosing to focus on one thing. who knows eheheheh

If you've somehow stumbled upon this page plz look forward to seeing some updates! lol

Until then, you can catch me on twitch a few times a week if you'd like to come say hi :D